Kindergarten Readiness Services

Melisa Kaye provided my daughter Katie with outstanding occupational therapy services… Melisa always saw the “whole” Katie and innovatively adapted therapy to serve her needs.

PJ, mother

At three years of age, my son had fine motor and gross motor delays, and it was very difficult for him to regulate and attend to school activities. In addition, he had difficulty making transitions, separating from his caregivers and communicating his needs. From the start, Melisa and her team were able to gauge his challenges and offer activities and sensory breaks that would help my son develop his motor skills in a very welcoming and play-based environment. Over the two years, our boy has made progress toward his OT-related IEP goals. While he still has fine motor delays and regulation challenges, he has practically “caught-up” in gross motor skills and participates in classroom activities as opposed to avoiding them. As a rising kindergartener, he loves to do art projects, writes his name, plays catch and hits a baseball… Melisa and the Firefly Center have been an integral part of our son’s progress and is a valued part of our IEP team.

JH and MH, parents

Our son has enjoyed working with Melisa… we have seen a great improvement in motor skills.

RJ and VJ, parents

Melisa is truly committed to her clients and is a resourceful and effective occupational therapist. She has demonstrated that she is willing to work with other teachers and therapists who play an active role in my daughter’s therapies. In addition, she has provided me information and reading materials on sensory integration and a kindergarten readiness handbook, which she co-authored. Her consults after each session include feedback and at-home suggestions. In addition, her knowledge, feedback and preparedness and my daughter’s IEP was very beneficial. We are truly thankful for her dedication and hard work. Most importantly, my daughter has benefited greatly and continues to thrive at Firefly Center.

VP, parent


Excerpt from a letter of recommendation:

Melisa Kaye is respectful, truthful, attentive, and effective, and clearly committed to the children she treats. Thus, it is a pleasure and an honor to write a letter on behalf of Melisa, my daughter’s occupational therapist.

RESPECT: Melisa has a tremendous respect for her pint-sized pupils. She is like a mirror to them. Melisa understands that just as grown adults have different moods on different days, so do children. If Abigail walks into the office in a sensitive mood, Melisa softens her tone and posture to greet her. Conversely, if Abigail enters the office exuberantly, Melisa also becomes livelier. Abigail knows she can be herself at her therapy sessions. Because the bond between therapist and child is so important, I feel that Melisa’s understanding and mirroring abilities are crucial to the success of the treatment….

TRUTHFULNESS: Melisa’s reports…are always dead-on accurate, from my perspective. She does not only report weaknesses (as some of our previous therapists), but is quick to highlight Abigail’s strengths as well. This goes beyond just official reports. It even goes beyond our ‘parental’ verbal communication every week. By focusing on Abigail’s strengths while continually working to strengthen her deficiencies, Abigail gains confidence. This confidence results in an effective therapy session. Also, within the school district, I think it is important to have therapists who are able to truthfully and objectively state the needs and strengths of the student, without overstating or understating these needs.

ATTENTIVENESS: As stated above, Melisa is obviously very attentive to the children. But I wanted to also emphasize that Melisa is attentive to parents as well. I have come to Melisa with a number of concerns about my daughter, and have been very impressed with her concern and attentiveness to my concerns. She has been quick to give feedback and real suggestions for addressing problems at school as well as at home and other environments where Abigail has encountered difficulty due to sensory problems.

EFFECTIVENESS: Since receiving OT services from Melisa Kaye, my daughter is a different person. She talks, laughs, swings, climbs, colors, cuts, pastes, etc. Furthermore, I feel that Melisa’s OT sessions actually provide more than just OT. The group sessions are facilitated social skills group as well. Melisa pushes the children to use their language within their capabilities. She gently pushes them to greet each other with words, and continually elicits language throughout the session. Recently, we even had a brief show-and-tell where the kids brought a favorite toy to share at meet-and-greet time.

Finally, my daughter’s development has grown by leaps-and-bounds in the past year, and I attribute much of her success to her involvement in OT with Melisa Kaye.

AFG, parent

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