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Let’s Go to Kindergarten
By Melisa Kaye and Muriel Muenier-Fiebelkorn

In today’s educational climate, more difficult and earlier demands are being placed on children entering school. Are these requirements appropriate? Should a parent “hold their child back” a year to strengthen skills and allow for extra maturity? What skills are the most important to work on? How does a family know when their child is “ready” for school?

“Let’s Go to Kindergarten” is an invaluable resource on kindergarten readiness. Designed for both parents and teachers, the booklet investigates the varied skills children need to be successful in school. Written by an Occupational Therapist and an Educator, LGTK offers readers information on developmentally appropriate skills, addresses frequently asked questions about the topic, and offers practical suggestions for facilitating skill building in all of the developmental areas.

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