Kindergarten Readiness Services
Firefly Center: Therapy Services for Children is a pediatric occupational therapy (OT) clinic located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Firefly Center offers services to children with a variety of challenges and needs. We specialize in developing fine, gross and perceptual motor skills, building school abilities (i.e. handwriting, table top tasks, focus/attention, etc.), facilitating the development of social skills, and assisting children with sensory processing and self-regulation.

Firefly Center seeks to provide high quality, individualized, holistic therapy services to children in a safe and welcoming environment. We are committed to a child, family, and team-centered approach that honors our clients in a meaningful and authentic way. We maximize therapeutic success by combining experience, creativity, care, and a continual striving to become more skilled practitioners. We believe in children’s ability to grow, adapt, and reach their goals. We are honored to be a part of the rich and profound process that is a child’s development.
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